As a Process Engineer, you will understand that proficiency in manufacturing is a vital aspect to success in this highly competitive market with yields being the key factor to that success.

The revenue invested in infrastructure, logistics, production equipment and techniques is probably the highest in this sector. Manufacturing space is also at a very high premium. The reliance on wet processes for product manufacture is also higher in this sector than probably any other including photoresist processes, etching, rinsing and drying.

To increase your yields and business success will require an in depth understanding of your sectors manufacturing requirements, techniques and investment returns with vendor partnership over the long term being an essential necessity.

Your Challenge

To provide consistent, simple and reliable solutions to complex manufacturing processes which deliver and maintain high yielding end products.

Your Solution

Layton will provide a partnership approach to improve, increase and maintain your yields through proven techniques, unique to both Layton and your sector.

At Layton, we don’t sell machines we increase yields.

Case Study

The ONLY process to remove 100% of water contamination and leave NO added particles.  The most effective solvent drying process available.

Bluestone Vapor DrierOur proven system of water evaporation exclusion reduces contamination and removes contaminants without adding particulates.  Where consistency and quality of cleanliness are critical, Layton employs tried and tested technology covering  a broad range of applications such as glass substrates, lenses, silicon & compound wafers and disc media.

And we don’t stop there.  We know how environmental and safety issues affect you, which is why all Layton systems not only capture the drying media, but reclaim it too, meaning you can reduce your solvent usage and emissions in one fell swoop. And we will work closely with you to ensure compliance with local, State and Federal regulation.
The Bluestone Vapor Drier provides highly effective, streak-free drying for wafers, glass & quartz plates, discs, pellicles, LCDs, metal discs, Teflon and many more materials.