As a Product Manager or working as part of a Product Management Team, you will understand that the ability to provide products that meet exactly your customers’ requirements, including cleanliness specifications will give you an edge on your competitors.

This highly competitive sector provides challenges unlike most other sectors. Any machined components manufacturer which has an edge on the competition will inevitably win the most lucrative contracts of supply.

The introduction of an essential new or replacement cleaning system with the programmability and flexibility to meet any future customer demand will greatly increase your product range and saleability but will require an in depth knowledge and full understanding of the many and varied techniques available. The wrong choice on such an investment can have potentially disastrous consequences.

Your Challenge

To improve your business related customer base by delivering an environmentally compliant validated process which meets any future customer cleanliness specifications whilst being cost effective, repeatable, reliable and long lasting.

Your Solution

Through partnership and in-depth consultation with you, including planning, testing and review, the team from Layton will design and develop a tailored system to meet your customers’ needs and exceed both your and your customers’ expectations.

At Layton, we don’t sell machines we provide your edge.

Case Study

It’s not clean until it’s dry!

When a New Hampshire company decided to replace their existing aqueous cleaning & drying system they identified some key objectives for their proposed replacement system.  It was a significant capital expenditure for the company and they wanted to ensure the longevity of their investment.

The new system would need to meet their specific and stringent process cleaning requirements, allow them to implement some process improvements whilst still having sufficient flexibility to ensure that they could respond to any new manufacturing demands.

They identified that they would need a quality constructed system together with robust and intelligent programme control.  The system would have to be suitable for clean room installation and be able to clean to oxygen standards and remove ALL water.

After carefully investigating all possible suppliers they chose Layton Technologies, a UK based company, who demonstrated an in-depth project understanding from the outset.  Layton was ultimately able to provide an 8 stage cleaning line with the addition of a 9th drying stage which was critical to the project.  This had to demonstrate that the components were completely clean AND dry on completion of the cycle and within the required cycle time.

With over 20 years’ experience with both cleaning and drying technology, Layton completed the project on time and within budget.  The system has subsequently demonstrated excellent results and the ensuing improved process times have resulted in a significant cost saving to provide a payback period of less than 12 months.